Mothers are amazing

April 06, 2017

Mothers are amazing

Here at Inverse HQ we LOVE our mums, they're loving and kind, long-suffering yet fierce. They encourage the best in us, and always bring out our cheeky side. Through thick and thin our mums have been there for us, so this mother's day we have decided to bring out a Mother's Day pack!

The girls from Inverse HQ will assemble and wrap your Mother's Day treat with love, and protect the package with enviro-friendly packing beans. They're made from potato starch, so will dissolve when popped in water! We can also include a personal note, if you haven't prepared a card for your Ma (enter it when you're in your cart). We've got your back. 

Caring for mature hair

Our hair is our crown! Over time hair can lose its youthful lustre, becoming tired and worn. The things that worked yesteryear may not be as effective today. So just like a fab skin care routine, you need to treat your hair accordingly! Here are some top tips from the Inverse team to help your Mum get back her beautiful healthy hair.


Of course, we are going to start with Inverse! Wisdom highlights (or grey hairs, whatever) have a coarse, dry texture. As we age, curly-haired women often experienced a loss of curl, and many straight-haired women notice an increase in frizzy locks.

Inverse will soften the greys, helping hair sit better and provide a brilliant shine. It will define those curls, and help strengthen fine, limp hair giving the appearance of more volume and reduce that fizz. Fab result!

PICK your mum an Inverse this Mother's Day. See what we did there? Heh. 

Reduce the use of nasty products

We highly recommend finding products that don't contain PPD, ammonia, resorcinol, added parabens or other nasties. Key thing is to stay away from harsh chemicals that will strip the love out of your hair. Treat your hair like you treat your body. Good in, means beautiful out!

Change your style

Have a chat to your stylist about options to freshen your look. Maybe a short cut, or something softer around the face. Maybe change your colour, or go for something with a bit more texture. So many options. Don’t be afraid of change! New hair, new you, right?

Stop the heat

Constant heat styling can cause split ends, diminish moisture and fuse your cuticles in ways it shouldn’t! Inverse is great for reducing the damage caused by heat, but if you can manage it, go cold turkey! Trust us, you'll love it. Dry your hair naturally and find new ways to style your hair without heat.

Know your hair limits

As we get older, your hair can be harder to grow nice and long. It can start to look straggly, with thinner ends. Or perhaps it's starting to thin. Either way, it's important to acknowledge the changes and care for your hair the right way! Get regular trims to keep it looking healthy, and stop weighing it down with oily products. Inverse is a great way to achieve beautiful, healthy hair naturally and keep it looking fresh between visits to the salon. Your hair will love you for it!

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