how to use

With inverse, taming your bad hair tiger just got a whole lot easier. Treatment time takes just 5-10 minutes depending on your hair type. We like the couch but you can inverse almost anywhere as often as you like.

For best results use inverse on damp hair.
❄️ Part hair into sections
❄️ Spray hair with inverse mist
❄️ Glide your inverse plates several times through each part towards the ends until your hair feels cool to touch.


freeze ice cores

The best place to store your ice cores is in the freezer. To protect them place them in the Optifreeze bag before freezing. They like to be laid flat, not hanging. Once done, place the cores back in their Optifreeze bag and place them in the freezer so you’ll always be ready to roll.

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sub-zero innovation

On average, you will have around 15 minutes before needing to freeze the ice cores again. It takes 5-10 minutes to use inverse depending on your hair type, but with practice you will get quicker.

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