The Science

Our lab technicians discovered that if you treat hair at icy cold temperatures, the fibre itself changes; locking in moisture improving strength and elasticity within the hair. As a result you get healthy, soft, shiny, naturally gorgeous hair. Pretty cool huh?


It’s no secret that high temperatures fry our hair, killing moisture and damaging it almost beyond repair. Inverse uses sub-zero temperatures that give your locks everything they need and more.

Ever wondered what actually happens when you heat treat your hair? Here’s a bit of a breakdown.

Hot Stuff

At 47°C, longitudinal cracks appear, with lifting of the cuticle. At 95°C, multiple cracks, holes and hazy cuticle edges appear. As temperatures increase, thermal degradation occurs causing white hair to yellow & bleached hair to darken. Hair then begins to toughen, as water is stripped from the hair.

Temperatures upwards of 150°C cause damage to 18-methyl eicosanoic acid 18-MEA, which is important for healthy hair! Hair that loses this will become knotted or matted more easily. Not good!

Cold Magic

And what happens when you use sub-zero temperatures? Between -8°C and -3°C moisture is rapidly absorbed into the hair fibre, creating an enduring elevated level of hydration in the fibre. Prolonged use of sub-zero temperatures help restore dry and damaged hair to its former glory. 

Welcome to the Ice Age!

Did you know?

We found that following a heat styling with inverse will not only reduce the damage done to your hair, but can make it up to five times smoother, softer and more manageable over straightening alone - including being easier to brush and style. How great is that?

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Ok, here’s where we dig a bit deeper. The outer layers of your hair (the cuticles) are like a protective barrier for the softer inner structure of your hair. Why do we need to look after them? Because the cuticles control the water content of your hair, which give it the shine you’re pining after.

After months of testing and trials, we saw impressive results. In just 30 days, cuticles improved in both health and condition and the hair became stronger, less flaky and more defined. We saw it and believed it – Inverse is the better way to condition your hair.


Moisture is the foundation of healthy, more manageable hair. How do we know this? During scientific investigations, our team discovered that hair undergoes a hygrally induced hysteresis (locking in moisture) when subjected to sub-zero temperatures.

inverse helps balance the effects of external elements and lock in moisture to keep hair strong and healthy. It will also make your hair less susceptible to damage and breakage - which is exactly what you want. The more you use inverse, the better it is for your hair.

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