All Fried Out – Top 5 Tips For Ditching Damaged Hair

Inverse Hair NZ - Best Hair Tips for damaged hair

Looking for more than a handful of good hair days?

We all know heat and chemicals can damage our hair but in the quest to tame and change our locks we wrangle heating devices and colour. Here are 5 expert tips from Inverse creator and hair stylist David Roe for showing damaged hair the door.

Keep an eye on the prize. Be on the lookout for tell-tale signs of heat and chemical harm: split ends, breakage, dull, rough feeling hair and a mop that fails to return to its original texture after shampooing. Remember you can minimize extra breakage and the cave woman look by detangling knots with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Eat your way to healthy hair. Love your hair from the inside out by adding protein rich foods such as nuts, fruit, veggies, chicken and fish to your meals and snacks. Protein makes the body’s processes of osmosis and mitosis (extracting nutrients from the blood and turning it into keratin protein) much more efficient and that means healthier, shinier hair.

It’s a curly one. If you have naturally gorgeous, curly hair, steer clear of heat and chemicals. Curly hair is ribbon-like – that means each curling point of the strand (there are millions) is a potential break point that’s vulnerable to unwanted breakage.

Reduce the heat. Finish your hair cleansing routine with a refreshing, cold rinse. This will seal in moisture and strengthen and close the cuticle, giving you softer, shinier hair. Yes please!

For naturally gorgeous conditioning results, follow up with Inverse, the world's first ice conditioner. The more you use Inverse, the better it gets. You’ll have compliment-ready, double take hair before you can say no- more-split-ends!

Find out how to condition your hair with the power of ice here.

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