The truth about silicone-based products

The truth about silicone-based products

Are we merely treating the symptoms, or the symptom related/causing problem? It’s a question I ask myself all the time now.

‘Relief of symptoms’ don’t necessarily mean a cured condition, rather often a way of masking the unknown condition by switching off the signs that alert us to a malfunction… If that’s not burying your head in the sand, then what is? Hair is the same. It has alarm bells and indicators that lets us know when things that aren’t 100% correct, that require attention soon otherwise there will be a problem.

Introducing silicone. It’s 'amazing' stuff and hair-care is loaded with it. It makes your hair FEEL amazing but is it amazing or is it just paracetamol for hair with a headache?

I’ve learnt unhealthy hair is mostly the result of dehydration. That dry, rough and brittle feeling is just a symptom of hair that requires moisture (water) not magic plastic-grease that gets mostly washed down the drain while you shower.

For more on this, check out this article:

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