Ice Mist

The Inverse Ice Mist is the Inverse Hair Conditioning System’s best friend, working alongside Inverse to naturally prepare your hair for Inverse Conditioning.

Ice Mist is a natural product with a base of 100% ultra-distilled water, sourced from New Zealand's finest aquifers. This results in a gentle product, to give you the best conditioning effect.

The fine, lightweight spray leaves no sticky or nasty residues in your hair, and works best when kept in the fridge. Ice Mist can be used on both dry and wet hair.

We're confident you'll love our pure and gentle New Zealand made product, straight from us to you. Perfect for all hair types.

New Zealand, you can now purchase ice mist online from Farmers. Please  click here to purchase.

        1. Low PH level helps the Inverse Hair Conditioning System deliver the best conditioning result.
        2. Leaves no sticky or nasty residues in your hair.
        3. Fine, lightweight spray.
        4. Fragrance: rose
        5. 250 ml
        1. Lightly spray your locks with Ice-mist before Inversing if you don’t shampoo or wet your hair everyday.
        2. Don’t rinse ice-mist off.
        3. Store your ice-mist in the fridge.
        4. Don’t leave in direct sun light.
        1. Separate your hair into layers and spritz from roots to tips.
        2. Glide the frozen Inverse Hair Conditioning System through your hair.
        3. Let down the next layer of your hair and repeat steps.
        4. Use less if your hair is wet, and more if your hair is dry.
          1. Deionised water
          2. Citric acid
          3. Sodium citrate
          4. Preservative
          5. Made in New Zealand

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