How can Inverse fit into my routine?

How can Inverse fit into my routine?

There are plenty of ways to get Inverse into your routine. Just choose whatever comes most naturally! Here are our top ways to use our Patented Ice Technology.

 Wet hair

This is the simplest, and best way to use Inverse.

  • Wash your hair
  • Towel dry
  • Inverse

It’s that simple! If you don't want to go cold turkey without conditioner, condition your hair as usual and follow with Inverse. As your hair improves you will be able to phase out the use of bottled conditioners. Great for you, great for the environment. It’s a win-win.

Quick touch up

While Inverse works best on wet hair, you can also use when your hair is dry between washes. Spray your hair with Ice Mist and run the frozen Inverse through your hair. It’s best to separate your hair into layers, but if you’re in a rush just do what works best for you.

Some of our fave places to use Inverse when we are quickly touching-up:

  • On the couch watching MKR
  • In the kitchen before we dash out the door to come to work
  • In the bathroom after a quick shower, before heading out for the evening

Inverse doesn’t have a cord – all you need is a freezer. Heck, we’ve even used it in the car before! It’s made to work with you, not against you.

What is Ice Mist?

The Ice Mist is the Inverse Hair Conditioning System’s best friend. It works alongside to naturally prepare your hair for Inverse Conditioning. The specific pH levels will help achieve the best conditioning result, resulting in soft, shiny and silky hair. And it’s perfect for all hair types!

Learn more about Ice Mist.       

Pamper me time

Inverse can be used as part of a deep treatment. Whether it’s homemade, or bought from the store, it can help lock-in that intense treatment! Perfect for a Saturday night in with the girls.

Simply follow the instructions on the packet, and when your treatment is doing its magic, run Inverse through your hair. Then rinse and style as usual.

If you’re using hot tools, quickly run Inverse through your hair afterwards to close those cuticles and cool down your hair. Heat isn’t your hair’s best friend.

Locked-in Style

Did you know using Inverse post heat-treatment can help set your style for longer? Cooling your hair afterwards helps close the cuticles and bring back that natural shine.

Wash your hair, Inverse, heat style then follow with Inverse to bring that hair back down to the ideal temperature. Perfect.

One product, so many ways

There are so many ways to fit Inverse into your hair care routine, and ladies from around the globe are letting us know how they use it and how much they’re loving the effects of Inverse Conditioning!

If you’d like to share your experience with us, flick us an email, write a comment below, or share with us on our socials. Use our hashtag #inversehair to make sure we see it!

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