How does inverse work on fine hair?

How does inverse work on fine hair?

By David Roe – Hair Stylist and Founder of Inverse Hair

Fine hair as a tendency to be limp and have less volume due to its smaller diameter. It can also become oily quickly. How many of you color or hi-light your fine hair for not only the color, but also to help control the oil problem and give it more body and bounce? 

Unfortunately, due to chemical services, it can also become fragile and break. 

Keratin protein is the fundamental building block of human hair and all other mammal fibre. It has been shown that water molecules are as essential as amino acids for biological function. Just like water is essential to our bodies, water is essential to keratin protein giving it its strength and elasticity. 

So, in fine hair, bound water is critical to strength and hair health – and therefore Inverse is so good for your hair type. 

Inverse treated hair is proven to be 10% stronger and weighs heavier due to increased bound water within the keratin protein. 

This translates into more volume, improved elasticity, which causes it to sit out from the scalp and appear fuller. It also strengthens so breakage is drastically reduced. Great news for those of us who can’t seem to grow our hair past our shoulders. Hormones also play a part in hair health and many women notice huge changes in their hair texture after childbirth.  Inverse will improve all natural textures. 

The best way to use it is on wet hair, that's where you get maximum benefit. After five times you will notice a complete change in the condition of the hair. 

At home, turn on the shower, go to the freezer and load Inverse, set it on the vanity and give it a few minutes to acclimatize so they aren’t too cold. Because of the nature of ice, sometimes the hair can become stuck to the plates if you clamp too hard or don’t move fast enough. Ways to avoid this is simply moving Inverse a little quicker and rinse with water to remove any trapped hair. 

Follow your normal cleansing regime, and then lightly towel dry.  

Spray Inverse ice mist generously through your locks  

Run the plates through the hair while it's wet - remember its ice so keep it moving – but slow enough to drop the fibre down to sub-zero where the magic happens.  

Within time hair begins to sparkle.  

Once you start using Inverse, avoid as much heat as you can for the first couple of weeks. Give that moisture time to compound, time to build up in the hair, and then you can re-introduce heat. You may find you don’t need to use as much heat when styling because your hair will be sitting beautifully, the frizz will be gone, and you won't need to straighten or blow-dry your hair every day. 

Hygral fatigue is heavily reduced also. This is where colored and bleached hair becomes very porous and swells when the hair becomes wet and contracts when it dries. The additional moisture content prevents the fibre from fluctuating in diameter and protects its integrity.


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  • This is a great product! My hair stylist noticed a difference right away when I first began using it. My curly hair air drys quickly without much frizz.

    Lynette on

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