20 hairstyles we tried, so you can too!

20 hairstyles we tried, so you can too!

We love our hair, and thanks to inverse our hair is super easy to manage -- but we wanted to challenge ourselves. So, for two full work weeks, we are not allowed to wear the same hair-style twice. It's time to push our hair boundaries and see what we can come up with!

So, if you're looking for some easy styles for your day-to-day life, this is the blog for you.

Day one

inverse hair challenge day 1


For day one I decided to go with something simple; straightened and pinned back. I lightly backcombed my roots and swept back the sides, held in place with two bobby pins that overlap. Easy.

Ballerina bun

Day one here we go! I was due a wash, but I had boot camp in the afternoon, so I thought I would give a bun doughnut a go! If you haven't heard of these, here's how to use one. I had a few stray hairs at the base so I chucked in a scrunchie. I also had some crazy baby hairs, so added a cute clip.

Day two

inverse hair challenge day 2

High-pony with wrap around

Wash-day means pony-day. Today I opted for a messy high ponytail and used a small section of hair to wrap around the hair tie so you can't see it. Hold the hair in place with a bobby pin, and away you go!

Ye ol' natural

After an evening and a morning boot camp, it was time to freshen those locks. Today I went with the natural. I inversed and let my hair air dry - although I did have to give the fringe a quick hairdryer blast to get it to stay down.

Day three

inverse hair challenge day 3

Beach waves

This morning I washed my hair -- so natural hair it is! I love my natural curls, so I'm glad inverse is here to make them sit beautifully. I washed, conditioned and 'towel dried' my hair with a cotton t-shirt, as it doesn't disrupt the curls like a regular towel would! Then I inversed, and lightly sprayed with a sea salt spray. One last scrunch with the cotton t-shirt and let it air dry.

Piggy-tail plaits

Plaits are hard for me, but I decided to give it a go. I pulled them nice and tight at the base of my head, and they stayed in all day! Practice makes perfect ;)

Day four

inverse hair challenge day 4

Khaleesi inspired twists

According to Pinterest, this hair style is inspired by the Mother of Dragons, and it surprised me how simple it was! Take pieces of hair from either side of the face and tie together at the back using a small elastic. Then take the 'pony tail', pull it up towards the top of your head and poke down through the gap. Repeat with another bit of hair to create the second layer and you're done!

Plait waves

I slept in my plaits, and took them out in the morning. I gently ran my fingers through my hair to soften the waves, and put a small amount of dry shampoo in the roots. As someone with fairly straight hair, it was a great change -- even my husband loved it!

Day five

inverse hair challenge day 5

Top-knot braid

I love braids, so I got creative today. I used a tail comb to section off a small rectangle of hair at the top of my head and put the bulk of my hair into a hair tie to keep it out of the way. I then French braided the small section at the top and secured with a hair elastic. The pony tail then went into a messy bun and secured into place with bobby pins. I love volume, so I pulled at the French braid to loosen it, and let the rest of my hair out of the hair tie. I love the attitude this hair style has -- I might have to make this a regular!

Pull-back twists

I had boot camp this morning, so I washed my hair after in the work shower. I left it wet and did some cute twists to make a crown. Doing it while it was wet actually really good, as it stayed in place when drying and stayed neat all day. I had to ask Krissi to hold my left side while I twisted the right side, but she pointed out… that's what clips are for. I am doing this one again later for sure, but this time with a sectioning clip handy!

Day six

inverse hair challenge day 6

Fishtail high pony

Today I opted for a simple ponytail with a fishtail braid. If you don't know how to do one, head here. Once you know how to do it, you'll never go back to a regular braid!

High pony with quiff

I felt like I wanted to have my hair out of my face today! Instead of the usual bun or plain high pony I jazzed it up a by adding a quiff. I back combed my fringe and pinned it back with a cute little bow clip. I then held it in place with a small amount of hair spray.

Day seven

inverse hair challenge day 7

 Half-up flower bun

This one came together surprisingly easy! I put about a third of my hair into a ponytail and secured with an elastic. I then split the small ponytail in half, and twisted each section right to the end. I then twisted the two twists together. Next, I took the entire twisted pony tail and coiled it up into a small bun and secured in place with bobby pins. It felt super secure, and provided a nice change to the standard half-up bun.

Piggy tails

This one doesn’t need much explaining! Speaks for its self. The tricky part was deciding if I was going to wear a head band or not, and then if I should put my pigtails under or over the headband! I went for under, gave the piggies a quick ice mist and inverse and away we go. 

Day eight

inverse hair challenge day 8

Low bun with twists

I don't usually wear a low bun, but this one felt soft and loose -- which is what I'm all about when it comes to styling my hair! I put my hair into a low ponytail, leaving some loose to frame my face. I then used a bun donut and rolled my hair into it. Next I gave the strands framing my face a light twist and pinned back into the bun, to create a bit of texture and shape around my face. I actually quite like it!

Simple pony tuck

This morning was 'one of those mornings'. Thanks to my alarm being turned off, I turned up to work with my hair and makeup not done. My fringe was still looking good from yesterday, so I quickly did a low pony, split a small hole and tucked my hair down through it. My mum had a little tool to do this style when I was a kid and it used to be super tight! But I really like the look of this version, soft and loose.

Day nine

inverse hair challenge day 9

Loose French braids

This morning I was in a rush, so I went for some quick, loose French braids that finished at the base of my head. I then gave the ends a quick inverse to make them soft and silky. I broke several hair elastics throughout the day, so if you have thick hair like me, just go straight for the hair ties -- it'll save a lot of hassle!

Lock and Roll curls

I own a set of Lock and Roll curlers from the late 80's, I usually only bust them out for special occasions. But this morning I went and popped them on before the shower and they were ready to go when I got out, they are super quick and easy to use! But once they cool and the curl first comes out it is CURLED. So I let them drop a bit before adding a small amount of hairspray to hold the curl, my hair is not the best at holding curl! By the end of the day it was more a beach wave. But I am ok with that.

Check out the 1990 ad for them! 

Day ten

inverse hair challenge day 10

Half-up space buns

It's our final day, so I wanted to go out with a bang! I sectioned my hair in half, then created two strips at the top of my head. I French braided each strip, and secured with hair elastics, before creating little buns at the top of my head. This one was quite fiddly to do, because the braids were so small, but happy with the result!

Headband wrap

II wanted to go a little bit out of the comfort zone for the last day! I washed and inversed my hair, and after my pull-back twists stayed put so well wet, I decided I would leave it wet for this one too! I blow dried my fringe into place and popped my flower headband on, I then grabbed small sections of hair and looped up and around the headband, I kept going until it was all covered. Viola, I am a princess.

What did we learn?

First off the bat, we were both so surprised at how easy it was to change up our hair style routines. None of these styles took more than 10 minutes to do, which goes to show how quickly it can be done. It became an exciting point of conversation in the office! So, if you're fed up of having the same hair every day, we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, or even a co-worker so you can both do it together ;)

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