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Why inverse?

We believe we can achieve beautiful, healthy hair without the need for harmful ingredients -- nature knows best, right? Using our patented ice core technology, we've combined ice with science to bring you inverse, the world's first ice conditioning system for hair.

We committed ourselves to discover a way to restore your hair's natural beauty in a way that fits seamlessly into your hair-care routine. Natural conditioning, no harmful ingredients -- all to get the best from your hair.

The Beginning

Inverse was created by David, an innovative New Zealand hairstylist. His curiosity was sparked when his wife rinsed her curly hair with ice-cold water with surprising results; more definition and shine, soft and smooth to touch and naturally falling curls.

Women from all around the world are now able to harness the power of sub-zero temperatures, without having to dip their head in a bucket of icy-cold water.

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The benefits of Inverse

inverse is a unique conditioning device that can be used on wet hair, dry hair, or as part of a deep conditioning treatment. The speed of results will vary depending on your hair type and condition, but with enough use you will see the following benefits. We advise you use inverse as much as possible on wet hair, in the first week, to kick-start your hair repair journey.

Explore the real customer stories below to see how inverse affected their different hair types!


    inverse locks moisture inside each strand, keeping it in a beautiful, shinier and healthier looking for longer.


    Nourishing your hair from within results in a silky smooth feel.



    Beautiful, shiny, healthy looking hair. Bring back the sparkle that your hair deserves.



    Stronger hair means less breakage, it's that simple.



    Hydrated hair has more defined curls, less fly-away, improved colour and noticible shine.



    Using inverse is proven to help your hair hold its style, longer.

How to Use

So, how do you use our patented ice core technology? It's easy!

How to use

The Science

Our lab technicians discovered that if you treat hair at icy cold temperatures, the fibre itself changes; locking in moisture improving strength and elasticity within the hair. Learn more about the science behind inverse.

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