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Welcome to the Ice Age!

It's 2017, not 1997 so let's say NO to all hot tools and nasty products stripping our hair of natural goodness.

Let's say YES to an all-natural device that conditions your hair from root to ends - without the chemicals, cord, mess or heat.

Join the Ice Revolution for better hair.

The System


    Seize the freeze! These bad boys are filled with a secret solution that freezes to the perfect temperature for conditioning your hair in a new, better way that only ice can.

    Oh and it stays sub-zero for 30 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to do what you need to do.


    No frost-bite here! Your hands are looked after with the sleek Inverse handle that holds the ice cores in place with magnets.


    Like your best friend on a bad day, the ice mist is a must-have. The nasties-free spray naturally prepares your hair for conditioning with Inverse.

    The specific pH levels will help achieve the best conditioning result, resulting in soft, shiny and silky hair.

The benefits of Inverse



    High temperatures remove the moisture in your hair, stripping the goodness needed to keep it strong and healthy. Inverse conditions your hair by locking moisture deep inside each strand, keeping it in a beautiful, healthy state for longer.

    What they said

    “It feels healthier and more hydrated. It’s the hair I’ve always wanted.”



    Stronger hair means less breakage, it’s that simple. Inverse directly strengthens your hair, with elevated hydration and deep restoration within the fibres. Your natural hair will shine and flourish.

    What they said

    “Softer, smoother, stronger and healthier… I am impressed with the results!”



    Nourishing your hair from within results in a silky-smooth feel. With Inverse, hair becomes easier to brush, style and manage – giving you ultimate control.

    What they said

    “I noticed my hair becoming a lot softer and smoother… I couldn’t stop touching my own hair!”



    Prolonged use of the Inverse conditioning system will hydrate, revitalise and heal your hair, giving you better definition and less fly-away. Colour of the hair is improved, curly hair falls naturally in groups instead of separating into thin, frizzy strands and all hair types have an increased, noticeable shine and well-polished finish. The more you use it, the better it gets.

    What they said

    “My under curls look amazing. I feel much more confident wearing my hair down”



    Damaged, lifeless hair can be difficult to restore to health – using sub-zero temperatures, Inverse can help restore your hair’s natural lustre. Inverse repairs your hair at a micro level, giving you healthy hair from the inside out. Unlike hot tongs, the more you use Inverse, the better the results.

    What they said

    “Honestly what a change to my hair; it feels lighter, healthier and smoother so far. My hair was so damaged by heat irons and things and now you can see the improvement I’ve always wanted.”



    Cooling down your hair straight after heat treatment can help achieve a more permanent set. Using Inverse after heat styling means you can spend less time fixing up your hair and more time enjoying your day or night.

    What they said

    “My hair holds its curl, is more manageable and less frizzy.”

What makes Inverse conditioning different?

Inverse_ Hair_NZ_Conditioner_No_chemicals

Where would we hide them? It’s pretty simple really. Just ice and super smart technology.

Inverse_ Hair_NZ_Conditioner_No_ heat

Heat damage vamoose! Launch a love affair with ice and condition you hair from the inside out.

Inverse_ Hair_NZ_Conditioner_No_cord

No more cord rage! Multi-tasking beyond the bathroom just became a reality.

Inverse_ Hair_NZ_Conditioner_No_mess

Laters slimy conditioner bottle! Ditch the clutter and detangle your hair routine. No more spills, frills and big bills.

Inverse for all hair types

  • Hi-lighted and coloured hair

    Is your colour fading quicker than you’d like? Does your hair feel like straw from bleach? Does it look dull and lack shine? This is because coloured and hi-lighted hair means exposure to nasty chemicals.

    While the results of colour can be amazing, the process can damage the hair, particularly the cuticle, which is the hairs outer protective layer resulting in dull lifeless and weakened hair. Want to know why? The process of colour and lightening elevates the hairs natural pH (potential hydrogen) levels to anywhere between 9 and 11.6. It’s highly alkaline, extremely damaging and corrosive.

    Don’t panic! Inverse and Ice-Mist change all that! Want to know how?

    Inverse users that have hi-lighted or coloured hair notice their colour lasts longer with reduced fadage. It appears brighter and more vibrant due to closed cuticles leaving the hair highly reflective. Knots melt away and hair feels incredibly soft to the touch so much so that users can’t stop touching their own hair.

    Plus, once the hair has been through its colour process, it’s critical that it return to its natural pH levels of 4.5 – 5.5. This means longer lasting and more vibrant colour. Our Ice Mist is a clever, specifically designed formulation with a pH of 3.5 that will return and regulate highly alkaline hair back to natural levels while gently closing the cuticle and providing stunning shine!

    Awesome, right?
  • Very Curly & Afro Hair

    The biggest challenges people with afro and curly hair face are dryness, unmanageability and breakage.

    This is because Afro and curly hair is ribbon like and sprouts from an oval shaped follicle opposed to a round shaped follicle like straight hair. It’s this structure that makes it more difficult for the oil (sebum) to work its way from the scalp to the ends of the hair. This type of texture is more prone to loss of moisture from the elements and styling, which means it needs a helping hand to maintain health, strength and hydration. Keratin protein is the fundamental building block of human hair and bound moisture is essential for strengthening Afro and curly hair. Without moisture the hair will become brittle and break along those weak points resulting in hair that just won’t seem to grow!

    This is why Inverse is the go-to tool to replenish moisture levels and strengthen those glorious curls. Want to know how?

    Inverse treated hair is proven to be stronger with regular use– and that’s just the beginning! So what does this mean for you and your curls? A stronger, longer shinier mane of drop dead gorgeous hair!

    Inverse works best on curly or Afro hair following a deep treatment or while the treatment is still in the hair. There are 2 reasons for this:
    • The weight of the product helps to de-volumize hair and makes it easier to treat.
    • Inverse works with your conditioning treatment helping to push it further into the cortex and hair structure.

    So keep this in mind when you’re using your Inverse!
  • Fine Hair

    Fine hair has a tendency to be limp and have less volume due to its smaller diameter. It can also become fragile and break due to heat styling and chemical services and often has reduced elasticity.

    Whether its aged fine hair, youthful fine hair or chemically treated fine hair, all hair needs moisture! Keratin protein is the fundamental building block of human hair and all other mammal fibre. It has been shown that water molecules are as essential as amino acids for biological function. Just like water is essential to our bodies, water is essential to keratin protein giving it its strength and elasticity.

    So, in fine hair, bound water is critical to strength and hair health – and this is why Inverse is so good for your hair type. Want to know why?

    Inverse treated hair is proven to be stronger with regular use by introducing moisture, drastically reducing breakage and mitigating chemical and heat damage.

    Plus, hair weighs heavier due to increased bound moisture within the keratin protein which translates into more volume and improved elasticity.

    Great news, right?

  • Mature Hair

    Many people associate aging with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, but your hair can show signs of aging too. As we age our hair thins and loses its natural youthful luster. It turns white and often with this change the texture changes as well, it begins to feel coarse.

    White hair is different from pigmented hair in a few key ways. Because it contains little to no melanin (colour pigments) white hair is thinner and more fragile than pigmented hair. White hair also has a thinner cuticle than pigmented hair, which means its outer layer is easily damaged and dehydrated leaving it feeling coarse and dry in need of additional moisture.

    Say hello to Inverse! It brings mature hair back to life. Want to know how?

    Inverse will soften coarse hair helping it to sit better providing brilliant shine and strengthen fine limp hair giving the appearance of more volume.

    Plus, regular use will hydrate and restore vitality.

    How great is that?

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