Woman Crush: Emma Watson

April 07, 2017

Woman Crush: Emma Watson

This month at Inverse HQ, we are all crushing on Emma Watson. I mean why wouldn’t you!?

Not only is she strong, beautiful and inspiring, but she nailed acting Belle, one of our favourite childhood characters! It was like we were little girls all over again, watching Belle prance around her quaint little town and falling for the misunderstood prince. Even though it was the second time, it felt just like the first.

So we’ve been inspired to write a blog on why Emma Watson is truly the belle of the ball.


We wouldn’t be true Emma fans if we didn’t bring up Hermione. She auditioned eight times to land the role that shot her into international fame. Such determination! We love how much of the real Emma came through in Hermione; her love for books, her loyalty to her friends and family, the unique way she looks at the world.

Emma thinks of Hermione as a potential role model for young girls and as a female action hero who rocks – and we couldn’t agree more.

The Pixie cut

After being Hermione for 10 years, Emma didn’t have the chance to have fun with her hair like most of us did in our teenage years. I mean heck, most of us are still having fun now! Lucky we have Inverse to fix all those teenage (or not-so-teenage) experiments… Anyway. As soon as that last movie was done with, Emma did the extreme and got the chop. Bye-bye Hermonie and hello sexy lady! And damn did she pull that off or what!?

Her love for (green) fashion

Ok, can we take a moment to appreciate fashion and beauty? Emma consistently tops best dressed lists because she LOVES fashion. She’s also released a clothing collection in collaboration with the ethical fashion label People Tree. The collection is aimed at bringing fair trade and organic fashion to the 16-24 age group.

Emma was a creative advisor, injecting her personal style into the range. We’re all about making moves towards a greener world here at Inverse, so a big applaud from our team at Inverse HQ!

PS. Did you know for our latest promotion, we are using eco-friendly packing beans, made from potato starch? They dissolve when you put them in water. No more land fill! Everything counts, right? Check it out here.

She loves books

Emma understands the value of an education. She worked hard to make her parents proud (we’re proud too!), and appreciates the chance she got to be so well educated.

She also works pretty damn hard so that people around the world can enjoy books too. She buys copies of her favourite book at the time, and hides them in various places so people can stumble upon them and take them home! We LOVE this. Her love for books matches that of Belle!

UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

Emma is constantly fighting for gender equality. Throughout the years she has devoted her time, to several different humanitarian efforts. Currently, she is the ambassador for the United Nations HeForShe project, a campaign which asks men to join with women to fight for gender equality. We’re all about that girl power!

Thanks Emma

While none of this technically relates to hair, we felt it important to spread the world about people doing good in this world. People like Emma inspire us to keep doing better. And we LOVED Beauty and the Beast! 

We are also taking steps to be eco-friendly, ditching chemicals and bottles and using the power of ice to care for our hair instead. We visualise a better hair world where potions, lotions and damaging heat tools are banished and hair damage is a thing of the past! 

We currently have a wonderful Mother’s Day pack ready to treat the special treasure in your life. If you grab one, you’ll go in the draw to win one for yourself! Head here to learn more.

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