My Inverse Hair: Robin

September 13, 2017

My Inverse Hair: Robin

Robin has been using Inverse for about 18 months on her beautiful curly hair. She now has lessened her use of hair product, and has bouncy, well defined curls. Here's her #inversehair story!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was raised and went to uni in America, but I’ve been in New Zealand for 10 years now. I live by the beach with my husband and toddler, because if you’re in NZ, why wouldn’t you? I’ve been into graphic design and photography since high school, and I usually gravitate towards simple, low maintenance things.

How did you hear about Inverse?

I work for a product development company called Locus Research. We helped develop the Inverse system and branding and really get it off the ground. It’s grown so much and helped so many people, I’m so proud of this little ice beauty.

What kind of hair do you have? What hair problems do you encounter?

My hair turned curly in middle school (intermediate) and no one else in my family has curly hair. I never really knew what to do with my curls until Inverse came along. I was always using mousse and leave-in conditioners to weigh down and tame the beast. With Inverse, I can use much less product and get a better result – light, bouncy waves and colour that really shines.

What made you decide to get your hands on Inverse?

Knowing the science behind Inverse and that it really works – it’s a no brainer really.

What results are you seeing with using Inverse, and how long did it take?

I don’t like to straighten my hair, I've straightened my hair maybe 3 times in the last 5 years – I prefer to wear my natural hair. But I never go without putting something in, so I was sceptical at first. I saw an immediate result with Inverse – defined curls instead of a frizzy mop.

After a week I was able to go without product and had a similar result to using leave-in conditioner and mousse, without the crunch. I’ve decided to grow my hair longer because it has more volume without product weighing it down, and my hair feels healthy and strong.

Where in your routine do you use Inverse? How do you use yours?

After a shower, I comb my hair and then I grab my Inverse out of the freezer. After I get dressed, I Inverse in sections. Then I let it air dry. If I want a more refined look I will still use a little mousse, but I can use considerably less than before I had my Inverse.

What's your fave thing about Inverse?

With mousse, my hair can often look stringy and stiff. With Inverse, I can get away with using little to no product, and the curl lasts longer. When I don’t Inverse, my curls go flat and I have to tie my hair up the next day. But with Inverse, I have second-day curl, something I never thought was possible.

What do you have to say to other women who are still on the fence?

Everyone I’ve showed my Inverse to feels an immediate result, just running it through dry hair. I think the greater benefit comes after using it for a while – my curls seem to band together more after using it for a few months and the colour stays looking really nice between visits to my hairdresser. Inverse has something for everyone and is good for your hair, so why wouldn’t you try it?!

If you're ready to take the leap and grab yourself an Inverse, you can get yourself one here. Go on, join the Inverse revolution!


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