My Inverse Hair: Vivien

May 11, 2017

My Inverse Hair: Vivien

This is Vivien. She is a sportswear enthusiast who recently quit her ‘real job’ to work for herself as an Instagram account manager and consultant. She’s super excited to take on the world and meet awesome people in the process!

We reached out to Vivien to give Inverse a go, and decided to have a chat with her about her experience. So here is it! Vivien’s #inversehair story.

How did you hear about Inverse?

I was initially contacted by Jenna (one of our wonderful team members here at Inverse HQ in New Zealand!) to post Inverse on my Instagram account, @vividsportswear

What kind of hair do you have? What hair problems do you encounter?

I have a ton of fine hair! My main issues are around frizz, especially if I dye it.

What made you decide to get your hands on Inverse?

I was so excited to start using inverse after hearing about the actual scientific evidence around hydration and de-frizzing.

What results are you seeing with using Inverse, and how long did it take?

I saw results after about a week. The more I use Inverse the better it gets!!!

Where in your routine do you use Inverse? How do you use yours?

I use Inverse when I get out of the shower. Sometimes I forget because my routine is so varied and I’m often in different places.

What's your fave thing about Inverse?

That it's natural. I know that if I stop using it for a while, I only have to get back into the habit of using it frequently before my hair is lush again.

I love that even after colouring my hair I can control the frizz, and I no longer have to wash my hair all the time!

What do you have to say to other women who are still on the fence?

Let's put it this way… I went and stayed with my friends for a few weeks over summer and they were super confused at my weird ‘ice packs’ in the freezer.

They didn’t believe me when I told them what Inverse could do, and after they tried them for a few weeks, I’m no longer allowed to visit without bringing them! The conversation literally goes “…see you soon. Btw don’t forget the Inverse!”


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