My Inverse Hair: Jenna

June 19, 2017

My Inverse Hair: Jenna

Everybody meet Jenna! She's stationed at Inverse HQ in Tauranga, NZ and has a huge love for all things pink, purple and sparkly (hair included). And this is her #inversehair story!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I love all things pink and purple, as you can probably tell. I am a nail technician in training, as well creating sparkly beautiful nails, my day job is to look after all you lovely Inverse customers. I am your go to girl for all your questions. Keep them coming! I am here to help.

What kind of hair do you have? What hair problems do you encounter?

At the moment, bright royal purple. Hehe. I used to have extremely dry hair as I live next to the beach and spend most of the summer in the water. As well as the salt, I have put my hair through hell with all the bleach and colour.

Jenna Purple Hair

What results are you seeing with using Inverse, and how long did it take?

So my hair is SUPER soft despite being abused. Even though I bleach it so regularly, It’s the softest it has ever been. Not to mention shine.. so shiny, my hair glistens in the sun. <3

Because my hair was so dry, it did take a decent amount of time, I would say 2.5-3 weeks of constant use, but when it did start to happen I was addicted.

Where in your routine do you use Inverse? How do you use yours?

I am a straight after the shower kind of girl. As well as using it after I have straightened my hair (which is once a week) because I actually like the way my natural hair sits now!

What's your fave thing about Inverse?

There are many things! Almost too hard to pick one, I love the fact that it is made right here in New Zealand. This makes me proud because it is such an amazing product, and us Kiwi’s can claim that!

What do you have to say to other women who are still on the fence?

Please give it a go, I know you will not look back! You will be forever touching your hair and loving it!  Heck, feel free to borrow mine to get a feel for it! But you have to promise to give it back, I know you will want to keep it for yourself. 

The colours of Jen

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