My Inverse Hair: Carolina

July 21, 2017

My Inverse Hair: Carolina

Carolina is the beautiful wife of David, the founder of Inverse. Many years ago, Carolina dunked her hair in a bowl of iced-water, and her curly hair became soft, shiny and defined. When David, hairdresser of 30 years, came home and saw the effects, he knew something pretty special was happening. 

This is Carolina's #inversehair story.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a housewife – parent to our gorgeous boys, foster support and bonus parent to our two beautiful girls.

As a passionate Early Childhood Teacher I firmly believe these early years form the fundamentals & foundation in a child's learning. After infertility, a weakened immune system due to cancer and being a ward of state, I have an ingrained passion to help those who often don't have a voice, are struggling or are in need.

How did Inverse come about?

My husband saw a problem, found a solution and created this ingenious nifty tool that I wouldn't be without. From that “a-ha moment” when we realised the benefits of ice cold temperatures, I was literally so dedicated to the notion that I began dunking my head in bowl of ice cold water as often as I could. Not at all a delightful experience, however the results were worth every bit of uncomfortability.

What kind of hair do you have? What hair problems do you encounter?

I’m half Rarotongan, half Polish. I have a Caucasian, thin texture with that Rarotongan FRIZZ. So curly, dry, frizzy colour treated hair. My hair is prone to fly-aways, split ends and again did I say FRIZZ? Putrid FRIZZ.

How did you feel when you got your hands on Inverse?

I was literally so super-duper excited when Inverse came to fruition. Being able to have the simplistic convenience of going to my freezer to grab this ingenious little device meant NO more head dunking into bowls of ice cold water.

Carolina with Inverse


What results are you seeing with using Inverse, and how long did it take?

Instantly I noticed change. Curl definition, less frizz and less need to condition, which resulted in me shampooing less.

An ability to go from using a large tooth comb, to a very fine-tooth comb gliding effortlessly through without tugging and yanking at my hair was an awesome feeling.

My need for product lessened – which was a glorious delight. As I’m sure you’re aware, the insurmountable collection of salon product needed to obtain the desired curl was costly.

My scalp was often dry, sensitive, itchy and sore, due to product build up and constant shampooing and conditioning. Accompanied by my need for a large amount of prescribed medication.

Inverse was used effectively over a seven-day period. Then regular intermittent use. I now slot Inverse at least three times into my weekly routine, to maintain it’s wondrous benefits.

Where in your routine do you use Inverse? How do you use yours?

I'd love to say I have the time to sweep Inverse through my curls first thing in the morning, but with early risers and a humming house, it’s often an impossibility. More often than not it’s at night after a shower. I towel dry the excess water, then Inverse through sectioned parts of hair.

In the beginning I was quite obsessed, Inversing my hair every night. Now my hair is strong and healthy, I only need to maintain the effect. Three times a week is perfect, though I do find it's become a little nightly ritual.

What's your fave thing about Inverse?

Inverse is an efficient, effortless, evident treatment that encompasses all I’ve begun to believe in as I’ve gotten older. What navigated me at first was health reasons/complications etc; the natural sway away from chemical based products being used on my head, skin and body.

Now I’ve used Inverse for long enough my colour holds longer, my curls are beautiful and the need for product has lessened. I’m hooked.

What do you have to say to other women who are still on the fence?

Invest in your hair, after all you wear it every day!! Do your hair its biggest favour and choose its best natural treat… Inverse. x


Carolina and her beautiful curls

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