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How to make your own dry shampoo

July 02, 2018

How to make your own dry shampoo

Dry shampoos have been 'all the rage' over the past few years. Every man and his dog has their own version, that you can often pay through the nose to buy. Don't get me wrong, I love any tip to help me extend my long, thick hair for another day without washing, but I'm also in the privy of an easy DIY way to do this.

If you're not sure what a dry shampoo is, they're an oil-absorbing powder used to refresh your hair between washes. Some even have lovely scents to make your hair feel fresh and vibrant for another day.

Many moons ago (before the fancy sprays and powders), I had a complain to my Aunty that I didn't want to wash my hair before heading out. She dashed off to the kitchen, and came back with a box of cornflour. Yes. Cornflour.

She lightly sprinkled into my roots, and massaged it in just like a regular shampoo, and voila. The oil was gone, and my hair was ready in the snap of a finger!

So, if you'd like to save some money, and make yourself a natural dry shampoo, here's what you can do.

Natural Dry Shampoo

What you'll need:

  • 1/2 cup of cornflour or arrowroot powder
  • 10 drops of essential oil of your choice (this is optional, but gives you a lovely smell!)


In a small bowl, combine ingredients and stir together until the oil has completely disappeared. Use a funnel to transfer into a recycled shaker.


Sprinkle onto scalp on dry hair and massage in using 'shampooing' motions.


If you're a brunette and are having trouble with the colour blending, adjust the powder levels to 1/4 cup cornflour and 1/4 cup cocoa powder. If you have neither cornflour or arrowroot at home, you can also use baby powder!

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