Both in the salon and at home, we put Inverse through the wringer to deliver proven benefits. We took Inverse to you to try on your own hair, in your own time. Long, short, damaged, coloured, natural, styled, straight, curly and more. We tested it all.

Still need convincing? Here are some personal stories from some of our devoted Inverse users.


Being a gardener, Louise is outdoors most of the time. She has very curly, UV and heat damaged hair and wanted a way to manage her tight curls without using nasty chemicals.

Louise felt her hair was a lot lighter, softer and smoother after prolonged use of Inverse. She also found her curls more manageable and it reduced the time she spent straightening and styling.


“There is definitely something going on, my hair holds its curl which is more manageable and less frizzy.”


Stacey’s hair was damaged from constant use of heat equipment. Because of this, she tends to wash her hair and put it up, or straighten it – hiding her natural waves.

With Inverse, Stacey’s hair had reduced frizz. She felt it brought out the colour and highlights in her hair. When she decided to straighten her hair, it stayed straighter for longer, making it easier to manage.


“Honestly, what a change to my hair, it feels lighter, healthier and smoother. My hair was so damaged by heat irons and things and now you can see the improvement I’ve always wanted. Thanks inverse!”


Sheree works outside during the summer and feels like the sun has caused significant damage to her long, curly red hair. She uses heat tools daily which add to the damage and wanted to find a way to improve the condition of her hair.

When using Inverse, Sheree received many compliments on the condition of her hair. People had noticed how shiny and healthy it looked, and felt her frizzy hair had smoothed out. Most importantly, she loves the way her hair now looks.


“The under curls looked amazing, I feel so much more confident wearing my hair down!”


Evelien has very fine blonde hair. She likes her natural curls but requires hot tongs at the front to control the frizz around the hairline. She wanted to find a way to control her hair without having to use hot hair tools.

She noticed a ‘massive difference’ in just two weeks of using Inverse. Hair that was normally dry and frizzy felt very soft and was significantly smoother. She even started wearing her hair down more often, as she loved the way it felt.


“I couldn’t stop touching my own hair!”


As an active mother, Lorraine tends to manage her hair by clipping it up. Her hair was heat damaged and she wanted to restore health to her coloured hair in a more natural way.

She found that Inverse made her damaged hair feel softer, smoother and fuller. She even stopped colouring her hair, because she didn’t want to affect her ‘new’ hair.


“My hair is thicker and fuller – like it’s expanded. I don’t want to go back to my old hair! I’m impressed with the results.”