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STUFF: Beauty innovation – the secret to shiny hair might be ice

By November 13, 2015Featured, Press

We’ve long been told about the benefits of a cold rinse when you’re washing your hair, but it could go even further than that, according to a new homegrown innovation.

Treating your hair with sub-zero temperatures can improve its strength, condition and shine, said Timothy Allan of New Zealand’s Locus Research.

If Gigi Hadid is icing her whole body before the Victoria’s Secret show, this has got to be worth a look.

Allan’s company has developed a hair conditioning system you keep in your freezer, and they say it can reverse the damage of heat styling and chemical processing.

It looks like hair straighteners, and you use it in the same way, but it’s exactly the opposite. Once the Inverse system is cold it can stay below zero degrees for up to an hour.

“Heat does style your hair, but the problem is it’s destructive to keratin”, Allan said. Cooling the hair right down “effectively locks in moisture”, he says, which means “in the real world your hair is more manageable and has more definition”.

Inverse was developed after founder and Kiwi hair stylist David Roe started experimenting with ice as a treatment, when his wife experienced surprising results after washing her hair with ice-cold water.

Inverse’s manufacturers say it changes the fibre of the hair itself, making it smoother and helping curls fall in groups.

“Honestly, what a change to my hair”, said one of the study’s participants.

“I wouldn’t call it an instantaneous effect”, said Allan, but the “science matches up with the results”. As Allan points out, the beauty of this is that everyone has a freezer. Colour us intrigued.

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