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REVELIST: Here’s an ice-cold flat iron because ‘cold conditioning’ is a hot hair trend, apparently

Stacey Banfield

From washing it in cold water to maintain the color, to blasting it with the Arctic setting on our blowdryers to hold the style, we’ve long known that COLD = GOOD when it comes to our hair. And now there’s a weird new product that’s taking that tried and true beauty maxim to the next level.

Meet the Inverse Cold Conditioning System, the flat iron you keep in your freezer.

OK, so it’s not actually a flat iron — it just looks like one. The brainchild of New Zealand hairdresser David Roe is meant to lock in moisture, prevent future damage, and enhance shine. “During scientific investigations, it was observed that subzero temperatures lock in moisture, which is the basis of healthy, more manageable hair,” Roe told InStyle.

So it doesn’t dry hair. It doesn’t straighten hair. WTF do you actually DO with this thing?

The Inverse comes in two parts: the Ice Cores (which you keep in your freezer) and the space age-looking handle (which protects your skin from the chill). After you wash your hair, towel-dry it, spritz the special Inverse Ice Mist throughout, then run the plates over large sections of your hair like you would a flat iron. Supposedly this will result in softer, shinier hair for the straight-haired ladies, and smoother, more defined curls and waves for the spiral-haired set.

Sound good? Ready to throw down your credit card and buy this sucker? TOO BAD. The Inverse Cold Conditioning System is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. Fingers crossed it hits the US soon, if only so that we can try it out and report back.

FROM THE INVERSE TEAM: Inverse is available in the US! Head here to buy yours today.

By Revelist