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By June 22, 2016Reviews

We LOVE hearing about your Inverse stories, and this one that came in from Karley made us so happy to read!

“I’m a customer (who is obsessed with inverse). Inverse is completely amazing and transformed my hair. I’m obsessive with taking care of it and was almost scared to change up my routine, but inverse made it healthier than I thought possible.

I’ve barely had to use any oils and treatments like I used to, because it helps so much. Besides just using it after the shower, I use it when I have a hair mask in or coconut oil in to seal all of the extra moisture in and give it maximum health. My hair has never looked better.

The first image is kinda hard to tell how bad my hair is, but despite trying hard to keep it healthy, it would break off and frizz so easily i had to put most of it to completely one side to hide all the unevenness from breakage.

The second image is after about a month of using inverse. My hair has never been longer, because I basically I have so little damage.”

It’s amazing to hear how healthy your hair is Karley, you’re rocking that beautiful hair! Also, that puppy is super cute.

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