We have collated some of the most asked questions about Inverse, to help you get the most out of your Hair Conditioning System.

Does Inverse replace my straightener / styling tool?

Inverse does not replace your hair styler and will not straighten your hair. Inverse is a hair conditioning system that harnesses the power of ice. It locks in moisture, keeping hair irresistibly healthy while making it soft and smooth with great shine and definition. In time, you may lessen the use of your stylers, due to your hair being easier to manage.

How long do I have to use Inverse before I need to freeze it again?

On average, you will have around 30 minutes before needing to freeze the Ice Cores again. It takes around 10 minutes to condition your hair, but with practice you will get quicker.

How long do the Ice Cores take to freeze?

On average, it will take 2-4 hours for your Ice Cores to freeze. The Ice Cores can stay in the freezer for as long as you need.

Can I put the entire Ice Conditioner in the freezer (including handle)?

The Ice Cores are easy to slide in and out of the handle, so we recommend putting them in the freezer without the handle or bag. However, if you decide to put the whole system in, it will not damage the product. It may just take longer to freeze.

Will my hands get cold?

Your hands will not get cold when using Inverse. The Ice Cores sit in the handle, which will protect your hands from the sub-zero temperatures when conditioning your hair.

How long will it take before I see results?

Everybody’s hair is different.  Some users have seen results after just one week, others were a bit longer. With regular use, you will reap the benefits of ice conditioning.

How long will Inverse last before I need to replace the system?

Inverse is built to last. With careful treatment, you will get plenty of use from your Inverse Hair Conditioning System.

Do I have to use Inverse every day?

The more you use Inverse, the better the results. Fitting Inverse into your routine as often as possible will give you the most improvement.

Do I need to use any hair product with Inverse?

We recommend using Inverse Ice Mist during conditioning to get the best possible results. You can continue using finishing products once completing your routine, but may see less need to use them due to your hair being easier to manage.

Can I use Inverse on dry hair?

Inverse can be used on dry hair, but best results stem from having wet or damp hair. For advice on when to use Inverse within your hair routine, see The System page.

Is Inverse an electrical device?

Inverse is not an electrical device – it’s cordless. So you can use your system anytime, anywhere.

Shipping and Warranty details?

All shipping, timelines and cost can be found here. For warranty and return details click here.

Haven’t found what you need?

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