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MYSTESE BEAUTY: Review and Demo

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The fabulous Mystese Beauty got her hands on the Inverse Hair Conditioning System and she is in love! So much so, that she made a video to tell us all about it. Check it.

“First off, you can see how shiny my hair is! My waves last for such a long time now. Normally what happens, is my hair separates into these little deadlock-y bits. And now it doesn’t happen that much! My hair isn’t so frizzy and it just look SO LUSH.”

Video by Mystese Beauty.


My Inverse Hair: Glenda

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Glenda got in touch to let us know how excited she was about Inverse. She has used it twice and is in love! Check out what she had to say below.

“OMG just love the Inverse. been to square roots twice & today wore my hair loose (in the wind – and after sleeping on it last night) and could not believe that i had NO conditioner or product on my hair. Read More