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HYPEBEAST / HYPEBAE: This Sub-Zero Flat Iron Is About to Change Your Hair Game

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If you’re one to straighten your hair regularly, you may be familiar with the frayed damage that comes hand in hand with applying high heat to your locks. Although an alternative to heat treatment seems unheard of, a New Zealand-based hair stylist has developed the Inverse Conditioning system, which reconfigures the classic flat iron with sub-zero temperatures. Read More

Stacey Banfield

REVELIST: Here’s an ice-cold flat iron because ‘cold conditioning’ is a hot hair trend, apparently

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From washing it in cold water to maintain the color, to blasting it with the Arctic setting on our blowdryers to hold the style, we’ve long known that COLD = GOOD when it comes to our hair. And now there’s a weird new product that’s taking that tried and true beauty maxim to the next level.

Meet the Inverse Cold Conditioning System, the flat iron you keep in your freezer. Read More