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Everything Inverse, hot off the press




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We LOVE hearing about your Inverse stories, and this one that came in from Karley made us so happy to read!

“I’m a customer (who is obsessed with inverse). Inverse is completely amazing and transformed my hair. I’m obsessive with taking care of it and was almost scared to change up my routine, but inverse made it healthier than I thought possible. Read More


Good Design Awards 2016: We have a winner!

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We are incredibly excited to announce that we have won an award at the Good Design Awards 2016, over in Australia! We are very proud of all the hard work that has been put into this frosty wee device and are honoured to have received this award. The Inverse journey has been an exciting one, and we don’t expect that to stop any time soon! So watch this space fellow Inversers, we’ve got a game-changer here!

Interested to see our entry? You can check it out here!

We also have a write up in the NZ Herald here.

MYSTESE BEAUTY: Review and Demo

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The fabulous Mystese Beauty got her hands on the Inverse Hair Conditioning System and she is in love! So much so, that she made a video to tell us all about it. Check it.

“First off, you can see how shiny my hair is! My waves last for such a long time now. Normally what happens, is my hair separates into these little deadlock-y bits. And now it doesn’t happen that much! My hair isn’t so frizzy and it just look SO LUSH.”

Video by Mystese Beauty.


HYPEBEAST / HYPEBAE: This Sub-Zero Flat Iron Is About to Change Your Hair Game

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If you’re one to straighten your hair regularly, you may be familiar with the frayed damage that comes hand in hand with applying high heat to your locks. Although an alternative to heat treatment seems unheard of, a New Zealand-based hair stylist has developed the Inverse Conditioning system, which reconfigures the classic flat iron with sub-zero temperatures. Read More

Stacey Banfield

REVELIST: Here’s an ice-cold flat iron because ‘cold conditioning’ is a hot hair trend, apparently

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From washing it in cold water to maintain the color, to blasting it with the Arctic setting on our blowdryers to hold the style, we’ve long known that COLD = GOOD when it comes to our hair. And now there’s a weird new product that’s taking that tried and true beauty maxim to the next level.

Meet the Inverse Cold Conditioning System, the flat iron you keep in your freezer. Read More

M2 Woman January 2016 - Inverse

M2WOMAN: Beauty News

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Calling all M2 Woman readers! The Inverse Hair Conditioning System is features in this months magazine — with a sneaky spot in the Beauty News section. Grab your copy now and check it out!

Have you got your Inverse Hair Conditioning System yet? Sign up to out mailing list to get 10% off!


My Inverse Hair: Jana

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Hi guys, just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that the Inverse has been working amazingly well for me! I have been using it for 3 weeks now and my hair is already so much softer and easier to manage without using a drop of conditioner.
My bad hair days are becoming few and far between. I typically have coarse and dry hair but since I’ve been using the Inverse I’ve found that I don’t even need to use oils to manage it anymore. Well done on creating such an amazing product!

PS. Today I went to hairdresser and she said that my hair was so soft and in such good condition and as someone with very dry hair this is amazing news!

Let us know what you think

You can let us know about your Inverse experiences by using our common hashtag, #myinversehair, across Facebook, Instagram or twitter. You may even get to feature on our blog, just like Jana.

Or simply drop us a line via PM on Facebook or at hello@inversehair.com


GRAYSON COUTTS: Condition your hair with ice

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We all know that high heat damages hair. And while styling tools are forever improving and have certainly not surpassed their need, even the best still cause some damage over time. However, if heat is damaging, then what does cold do to your hair?

You’re probably already familiar with the benefits of cold water for your hair and skin; we all know what happens to hair in tropical humidity vs a cool alpine climate. But this is next level. Treating your hair with sub-zero temperature in the hopes of improving its strength, hydration and shine. Read More


My Inverse Hair: Glenda

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Glenda got in touch to let us know how excited she was about Inverse. She has used it twice and is in love! Check out what she had to say below.

“OMG just love the Inverse. been to square roots twice & today wore my hair loose (in the wind – and after sleeping on it last night) and could not believe that i had NO conditioner or product on my hair. Read More


STORY: Hair Conditioning Gets a Kiwi Makeover

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Kiwis are known for getting behind some wacky inventions. Some of these inventions and discoveries include: the disposable needle, the egg beater and splitting the atom. So could a hair tong be about to join their mighty ranks?

We put a lot of effort into our hair to make it look good; blow dries, hair dyes, serums and sprays. Not to mention tongs that can hit 200 degrees Celsius. But an old wives tale says it is not heat the hair needs – it is ice. And it doesn’t straighten the hair, it conditions it. Read More


My Inverse Hair: Fleur

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Fleur is an early adopter of the Inverse Hair Conditioning System, having purchased it from the get go! She got in touch to tell us that someone had come up to her on the weekend and asked what she uses in her hair! And she told them all about Inverse.

It’s great to hear things are going so well for you Fleur! Keep in touch as we love hearing about the benefits you are seeing as a result of using the Inverse Hair Conditioning System 🙂 Read More


BOP TIMES: Beauty – Cool New Tool

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Revolutionary conditioning system locks moisture in while creating and maintaining your style, writes Sarah Bunker

Heat is a huge part of the hair routine, both in the salon and at home. While effective, it’s incredibly damaging to your hair, leaving it dry and frizzy. So, what about using cold temperatures to revive hair?

A Tauranga company has done just that and Inverse, the world’s first hair conditioning system that uses the power of ice to restore hair, has hit the shelves. Read More


My Inverse Hair: Kallie

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Kallie was kind enough to get in touch and tell us about her Inverse Experience so far. This is what she had to say.

“I’ve been using my Inverse for two weeks, and my hair has never looked this good! It was always between curly or straight, and I used to use product to try and bring out the natural curl (often unsuccessfully!). Read More


Inverse Takes Gold

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Beautiful design, endless celebratory bubbles and the rising anticipation of the Gold Pin met us as we entered the Viaduct Events Centre on Friday night. It’s always fantastic to see local work recognised on the big stage and theBest Awards are the perfect way to recognise excellence in graphic, spatial, product and interactive design in New Zealand.

On behalf of ourselves and all involved, we are proud to announce that the Inverse Hair Conditioning System received the prestigious Gold Pin at this year’s awards. Read More

BPO times

BOP TIMES: Projects take out top design awards

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Five Tauranga-based projects have taken out top honours at the national Best Design Awards. The Inverse Conditioning System designed by Locus Research and Roholm Ltd won a gold pin for the concept/environmental product category.

The hair product’s removable, extruded aluminium Cold Cores are frozen to set the sub-zero temperature. When run through the hair like a traditional hot tool, the cold temperatures lock in moisture rather than normal hot hairstyling tools which evaporate the inner moisture and damage hair. Extensive testing in New Zealand and California showed a 20 per cent increase in tensile strength and a 23 per cent decrease in breaking extension. Read More


NZIA: We are a finalist!

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We are very excited to announce that we have been announced as a finalist in the New Zealand Innovator Awards 2015. We have been nominated in the Innovation in Marketing & Communications category.

The New Zealand Innovators Awards aims to recognise and celebrate innovative, high-growth New Zealand organisations.

NZIA has also opened up voting for the People’s Choice Awards. You can vote for us under ‘Roholm – Inverse’ … and then come back tomorrow and vote again! We appreciate all your support.



LOCUS RESEARCH: Four for four

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We’ve been keeping ourselves busy over the last few months, working alongside some extraordinary Bay of Plenty businesses to develop their exciting products. Luckily some of these projects have reached the stage that we’re ready to share them with the world, and what better way to be recognised than to enter an award. Read More