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5 Funniest Hair Quotes of all Time

By March 28, 2016General

Mane, tresses, lid, locks, mop. Whatever you call it, your hair can be your best ally and your worst nightmare – we hear ya! So we have put together a list of quotes that capture the turbulent relationship between a female and her hair. Ladies – who can relate with these gems?


Hands up if some days you find it much easier to get your eyebrows on point than your hair and only have the energy to do one? Yeah, us too.


The age-old dilemma of wanting thick, luscious hair on your head… but nowhere else.


#Truth. Face vs. hair, we know which one we prioritise – there’s nothing quite like a fierce mane to give you the confidence to face the world.


Have you ever threatened your hair with “I’ll shave you all off!” when it misbehaves? Surely there are easier ways to take the control back!


Sometimes that’s all you can do…

The rest of the time, there’s Inverse –  the world’s first ice conditioner – a genius hair tool that improves the condition of your hair, every time you use it.  Bye bye mess, chemicals, electricity cords and heat.  Just store it in your freezer and away you go. Intrigued… click here for more info.